Navigation in Istanbul

Navigation in Istanbul

Navigation in Istanbul


In Istanbul there is a fantastic public transport, in that there are trams, subway, ​​funicular, busses and ferries. On the face of it it can be problematic for a navigation on the system, but as soon as you will arrive, you will understand, as far as it is simple. Acquisition of a transport map of Istanbul is obligatory, because it is a prepaid noncontact map that allows to use the different types of transport.

Turkish food

Eat and drink is the Turkish meal delicious, and it really not very differs from that you will find in North America. Meat on a grill, vegetables, fresh fish, and baked bread everywhere. A good meal will cost less than 20 US dollars to you, but mean that next to tourist zones many restaurants raise a pay some higher, therefore do not be afraid to walk in neighbourhood and choose to itself a cafe or restaurant. Two things can not be skipped are open sandwich with fish for 3 dollars on the pier of Eminonu and Turkish coffee.


Interesting places

Sights - the Most historical places are located in Sultanahmet and they are more wonderful, when you see them personally. A blue mosque, Cathedral of Saint Sofia and palace of Topkapi , are the most popular sights, but do not forget to visit Galata Tower, Cistern of Basil and palace of Dolmabahce. A Grandee-market is a giant tourist trap, but in that you will get necessarily, in good sense of word will remain under the large positive impression, similarly it is necessarily needed to visit the market of spices. Istanbul museum admission is really valuable, but you must check, whether you are interested in all excursions before purchase it.

Bosphorus cruises - some of them count a cruise on Bosphorus by main sight of their journey, but travellers must know that a great number from different companies, offering turns. you avouched for, that someone outside will offer to you cruises, but better with suggestions to become familiar beforehand, by means of the internet, for example. Visit Spice Bazaar. It is the second-largest covered market after Grand Bazaar. Here you will be able to choose spices, nuts, dried fruit, Turkish coffee, sheet tea, souvenirs and different pleasant little things. Visit unforgettable dervish-show.

Go on a red street. One of the way to see boulevard of Istiklyal not making way through crowd, is to go by a tram. A nice vintage tram goes straight in the middle of boulevard, along shopping centers and it does a trip pleasant and unforgettable. Get through the bridge of Galatians. If you will decide to be missed, you will see that all locals fish from a bridge, street venders sell a pretzel with sesame and boats, carrying passengers on Bosphorus. Eat a pretzel with the seed of sesame. you can take one of these delicious pretzels in any bakery of city, but we suggest to buy you in one of little red trays along boulevard of Istiklal. It will simply add a local colour to your promenade.